Pancetta Mild

Traditionally used as bacon in Italy and made from pork belly meat, the slow dry cured pancetta is rolled, spiced and cased before a long maturing process. Best served thinly sliced and lightly fried until crisp.

Pancetta Hot

This Pancetta features hot chillies and is perfect for those who love a little spice. Lightly fry and add to a Napoli pasta.

Hungarian Mild Salami

A family favourite, Hungarian Salami is delicate and flavoursome. Made from finely minced pork and beef it is lightly smoked with a touch of cayenne and paprika to give a subtle savoury flavor. Served best as an antipasto alongside green olives and sundried tomatoes.

Calabrese Salami

A hot Calabrese style salami made from finely minced beef and pork with a touch of chilli, spices and garlic. Serve as an antipasto or in a crusty roll with tasty cheese.

Spanish Chorizo

There are hundreds of regional varieties of Spanish Chorizo, both smoked and unsmoked depending on the local region. Smoked Spanish paprika or Pimentón is what gives Chorizo its rich colour and flavor.
Tibaldi Spanish Chorizo is made from selected lean pork and minced with a blend of aromatic spices and filled into a natural casing which allows it to breathe and mature evenly. Chorizo is best served fried until crisp, and makes a delicious addition to soup, rice and salads.

Pepperoni Salami

This salami is made from finely minced beef and pork with spicy seasoning and a smoke flavor. Pepperoni makes a classic pizza topping.

Mild Sopressa

Sopressa is a traditional salami of Veneto, in northern Italy. Tibaldi Sopressa is made from coarse ground pork and beef with selected herbs and spices. Use as a topping on pizza or baked in a tomato rigatoni.

Hot Sopressa

Tibaldi Hot Sopressa can be used as a topping on pizza or baked in a tomato rigatoni. This Sopressa has hot chilli for added flavour.

Felino Salami

This salami originates from the Felino area of Reggio Emilia (Italy). Made from the choicest pork available, to which natural herbs and spices have been added. Serve as an antipasto to accompany any cheese platter.

Milano Salami

Each region in Italy has its own salami recipe, thus giving a distinct character to salami produced in each region. One of the most well known types of Italian salami comes from Milan in the Lombardy region. Traditionally produced for centuries in Italian old-country farmhouses and villages, Milano Salami is dry cured and made with pork, sea salt, and red wine.


Traditionally in Italy, hunters would take cacciatora sausages with them while hunting or as they say “la caccia”. Made from selected lean pork and mixed with a blend of aromatic spices, it is then filled into a natural casing which allows it to breathe and mature evenly. The result is a full flavored sausage robust in texture which can be eaten immediately. Cacciatora sausages are best serve sliced as an antipasto to accompany ham or mortadella.
Tibaldi Cacciatora is available in mild or hot.

Proscuitto Campagnolo

Prosciutto dates back to at least 100 BC in Parma Italy, when peasants would hang hams to cure in the attic or cellar. Italian prosciutto is now well known as the world’s most famous premium leg ham. Trimmed, salt cured and aged to impart an exquisite flavour, texture and aroma, Prosciutto brings exquisite flavor when wrapped around chicken, asparagus or cantaloupe.

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