Ham on the Bone

Traditional ham on the bone, cooked using our 75-year-old recipe then double smoked using natural Australian hardwood. No Christmas table is complete without a Tibaldi Ham on the Bone. MADE USING 100% AUSTRALIAN PORK.

Half Approx. Weight: 5kg | Full Approx. Weight: 10kg

Premium Boneless Ham

A full muscle ham, Tibaldi’s Premium Boneless Ham is oven baked and naturally wood smoked through-out the cooking process. This ham is perfect for sandwiches and antipasto.

Triple Smoked Ham

Premium full muscle leg meat is hand tied, cured, cooked and smoked 3 times; the result a rustic ham with a delicious smoky flavor and distinct colouring.

Easy Carve Leg Ham

A boneless full leg ham with a succulent smoked flavor. Serve thinly sliced or prepare thick, this smoky home style ham is served perfectly with crusty bread or as an antipasto.

Ham Hock

Ham Hocks are used around the world to bring a smoky, rich and delicious flavour to cooked vegetables. Turnips, carrots, potatoes and greens are often slow cooked with one or two smoked hocks tossed in for extra flavor. The pork contains just the right amount of salty accent to provide a delicious taste with vegetables, without the addition of any extra salt or other seasonings. While some choose to serve the meat with the vegetables, others remove it before placing the dish on the dinner table.

Prager Ham

Prager Ham is world renowned for its wonderful taste and quality. Tibaldi Prager Ham is a boneless, full leg ham with a succulent smoked flavor. This ham is a versatile option and can be used for sandwiches and salads as well as pasta bakes, pies and quiche.

Maple Glazed Ham with Oranges

Premium leg ham that has been delicately cured with maple, lightly smoked, hand glazed with a decidedly delicious maple glaze and baked in the oven then carefully decorated with glazed oranges.

Premium Virginia Leg Ham

A full muscle traditional Virginian (flat) style ham, Tibaldi’s Premium Virginia Leg Ham is oven baked and naturally wood smoked through-out the cooking process. Perfect for sandwiches and antipasto.

Shredded Ham

A formulated ham using a blend of pork cuts. Cooked and naturally wood smoked throughout the cooking process. Tossed into a creamy pasta, used as a crunchy pizza topping or added to a wholesome pie, shredded ham is a versatile ingredient in every kitchen.

Soccerball Ham

A boneless full leg ham with a gorgeous succulent smoked flavor. Perfect for cheese platters and salad sandwiches.

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