Coburg Smokehouse

American Style Streaky Bacon

Coburg Smokehouse 1kg (2x500g) American Style Streaky Bacon is characterised by a combination of fat and meat, creating its signature ‘streaky’ look. Made using premium pork belly cured with our special blend of herbs & spices, smoked with Australian Hardwood to create a delicious combination of sweet, salty,
smokey bacon. This is the most common form of bacon in the United states.
Perfect to add to a burger or added to a big breakfast.

American Style Turkey Bacon

Made using premium Australian Turkey breast and thigh meat, cured with our special blend of spices and smoked with Australian Hardwood.
Turkey Bacon is very popular in the US and is generally marketed as a low-fat alternative for those seeking the taste of Bacon without the guilt of all that fat.
Served perfect with some poached eggs and avocado for a healthy tasty breakfast. Available in a convenient 2x500g twin pack.

American Style Hot Dogs

Americans eat billions of hot dogs each year, in restaurants, at street carts, ballparks and backyard barbeques – hot dogs are everywhere!
Coburg Smokehouse has perfected the true taste of an American Hot Dog with a large 9” 100g Dog which is available in either pork or beef.
You will be transported to any part of the US when eating these hot dogs. Check our recipe page for great US flavour combos.

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