Short Cut Bacon

Using lean boneless, rindless loins of pork, Tibaldi Short Cut Bacon is naturally wood smoked with Australian hard wood. Cook on the barbecue to whip up a crispy bacon burger or simply fry with a side of creamy scrambled eggs.

Diced Bacon

Tibaldi Diced Bacon is produced from shoulder and belly bacon pieces. It is formed into logs before cooking and dicing. Tossed into a creamy pasta, used as a pizza topping or added to a wholesome pie, diced bacon is a welcome addition to any home cooked meal.

Long Rindless Bacon

Tibaldi Long Rindless Bacon is produced from lean boneless, rindless full middles of pork that are naturally wood smoked with Australian hard wood. This bacon brings a rich flavor and rustic element to bakes, pies or omelettes.

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