Our Unique Products
Travel the World

With a large portfolio of export products that are already available to customers worldwide, our objective is to further develop export markets with a focus on the ASEAN and Pacific Island Countries.

We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products at competitive prices, manufactured to country and customer specific requirements.

Our dedicated export Sales Team is supported by QA, R&D, Marketing and Production staff, with representation from the Department of Agriculture (DA) on site at all times.

This ensures the highest levels of quality, process and compliance.

Our commitment to develop both our Tibaldi and Coburg Smokehouse brands Internationally is further supported through attendance at¬†international trade shows and partnering with key vendors. Demand for our product range and brands is growing within all channels, including Retail, Food Service and QSR’s.

Our range includes a wide variety of products, from Fresh Sausages, Ham and Bacon to specialised air-dried Salamis and cooked Frankfurts.



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